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Top 10 Questions and Answers Before Purchasing a New
CRUISER SUP® Stand Up Paddle Board


It's all about what best suits your needs and budget. Any explanation of how great a board is without knowing anything about the rider is a bad sign. The first questions should always be about you - where do you paddle, how much do you (or friends / family) weigh, what are your conditions, what aspect of SUP do you want to do - flat water, waves, touring, yoga, fitness, etc.


Question Two: Which retailer has the best Reputation, Service and Personnel? What is the culture of the company and commitment to excellent customer service?

CruiserSUP® is widely recognized as the industry leader for customer service, quality products and unmatched value. We raise the bar and other on-line retailers attempt to copy or emulate us.

TheCruiserSUP® difference is our people. From Cruiser SUP founder Mike, to Sales/General Manager Glenn, Customer Service Managers Norah, Sonia and Shipping Manger Dan, our team is the best in the industry. Our culture is quite simple - under promise and over deliver to our valued customers and fellow stand up paddlers.

Question Three: After discussing your needs as a paddler, any serious SUP retailer will have several options of boards in stock to offer you.

Limited selection or depth of brands is a sure sign that you are being sold something that may not suit your needs. No need to look at 10 different board options (that will just confuse matters) however, one or two boards offered by a retailer likely isn't the right fit for you.

Feel free to ask our Pros the difference between brands in terms of construction, materials, intended use, brand history, shaper, warranty - any experienced retailer will be more than happy to answer.

Question Four: What comes with my CruiserSUP® package?

There should be options when it comes to board sizing, colors, paddles, leashes, and board bags. A skilled retailer will be able to explain and help you select the best options for you. Once your board model and size is selected, things paddle upgrades and leashes can be evaluated.


Question Five: What CruiserSUP® package is the best value?

The best value is the board package you will be happiest with long term. It offers the best performance for your needs and long term durability. The key component to the value of the package is the board - the shape, size, construction, durability.

We offer only top quality boards with proven long term durability, from the best manufacturing partners in the world. Our packages start with alloy paddle/plastic blade (better for kids, families). We also offer adjustable length 50% and 75% carbon paddle option - great for women and lighter guys since some 100% carbon paddles may be too stiff for women, kids or adults with sore shoulders. 50% and 75% carbon paddles are a great combination of durability, low weight and value.

Many 100% Carbon paddles are less durable than alloy/plastic paddles. 100% Carbon has no elasticity to it, so if you bend too hard on the shaft or hit the blade on a rock, it will break. Many adjustable carbon paddles are little better (yet more fragile) than alloy adjustable paddles due to the flex and weight of the adjustment mechanism. Cruiser SUP brand Carbon/Fiber paddles are the best combination of low weight, stiffness and durability.

Question Six: Ask the retailer about their warranty - How long is the warranty for manufacturers defects and what does it cover?

All of the CruiserSUP® brand boards we offer have a two year warranty against manufacturers defects.


Question Seven: What is the Construction? How durable is it? Is it impact resistant? Will the board deck soften quickly and delaminate?

The boards we offer are built with the best quality materials and workmanship. And backed by the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.


Question Eight : Is the board in stock to ship ASAP? How long will it take to arrive?

Unless noted on our site, all items are in stock and ready to ship within 1-2 business days


Question Nine: Is the shipment double boxed for safety?

Anyone with experience shipping in the surf industry knows that the factory boxes are not tough enough for shipping by transport truck - no matter how much extra material is inside the single factory board box. All Cruiser SUP's are double boxed in our custom built extra care boxes for safe transport.


Question Ten: What about the retailer you are buying from - ask questions. How long has the retailer been in business and what is their service history? Do the sales staff actually paddleboard?   Check customer reviews!Question Five: What CruiserSUP® package is the best value?

Cruiser SUP has been in business 24 years and recognized as industry leader for customer service. All sales staff at Cruiser SUP are paddlers, and have paddled everything we sell extensively, and most likely, everything we don't sell! And, our site has 1000's of reviews!