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Thanks for making such a great board
" This paddle board is everything I wanted from a solid paddle board! It is sharp looking, well made, and super stable on the water. I did tons of research on the paddle board I might want to purchase and decided this was the one...well it is the ONE! Thanks for making such a great board Cruiser SUP! " Stephen L.

Absolutely FANTASTIC! 
"I LOVE this board and so do my kids! In fact...I may need two more now! I spent months researching boards, then I found Cruiser SUP. Superior quality, arrived quickly and exactly as represented. Exceptional customer service throughout the entire process. Thank you and keep up the great work! " Matt R.

Beautiful board that handles great!
"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new BLISS LE Wood/Carbon paddle board! The teal color is gorgeous and you just can’t appreciate the wood online —- so much prettier in person! My new board arrived on my birthday last week and I was so keen to take it right out! Have already been out on it a few time, on the lake I live on.

Glenn at CRUISER SUP was very helpful, when it came to selecting the right board for me (and my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup!) —- I was concerned that with the extra length, it may not handle as well, but it handles like a dream (and we’ve hit several boat wakes with no issues). The board’s top surface is super comfortable on knees and feet — allowing you to go for long cruises without fatigue. The board has exceeded all my expectations! " Susan L.

" Board is beautiful...great responsiveness to my questions and coordination of delivery
For the most part, the overall experience w/ Cruiser SUP was awesome. First off, the board is beautiful and the first ride was a 21-mile SUP paddle. Glenn and team were great w/ responsiveness to my questions and w/ coordination of delivery. " Michael L.

" Amazing Purchasing Experience!
After much research I ordered my Cruiser SUP. From the time I hit the order button, my experience was A+! Customer service staff kept me informed of my order status. The delivery contractor did the same. The delivery was flawless. The product packaging was unbelievable! The board is beautiful, solid and exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! " Holly B.

" Wonderful board!
Just finished 5 days at the lake with my new Cruiser SUP Bliss. I love it! The board is light weight, sleek, quick, straight moving, and stable. Everything I had hoped for, plus it's quite pretty! " Lorelei A. 

" Fastest thing on the lake
I live in Colorado where there are several picturesque lakes that are popular among paddle sport enthusiasts. I purchased my V-MAX LE after owning several other inflatable and rigid boards, because I wanted a displacement-nose board to make paddling into and across the wind a bit more enjoyable.

What I did not realize was how amazing this board would be when I got it out on the water. Also, Cruiser SUP acumen for customer support is truly impressive.

First of all, setup and transport of the V-MAX is a snap. The included bag is great for storage and car-top transport. The shoulder strap makes getting the board down to the water effortless. The handle on the board itself makes tucking this under your arm quite easy. The board is light enough to carry for quite a distance if needed.

There are ample tie-down so I can bring plenty of gear including a small cooler, a dry bag, a pair of sandals, etc. The bungee material is high quality and holds fast.

The carbon paddle is awesome and has a nice satin finish which feels great to grip.

The deck pad material on the board is quite comfortable and does not fatigue me, even during hours-long trips around the lake.

In terms of performance, the V-MAX is easily the fastest SUP on the lake, and faster than a lot of kayaks I encounter. The board is light, so getting up to speed takes only a few strokes, and once I am cutting a nice line through the water (the sound of the bow carving a wave is intoxicating) I can easily maintain a speed of 5mph (according to my Garmin) while keeping a good stroke-per-minute rate. It tracks well - only switching sides every 12-15 strokes to maintain a decent line. This is such a fast board that I have to hold back when paddling with a group because they simply cannot not keep up.

Just about EVERYONE on the water (or on the beach for that matter) who gets close enough, complements this board. It is truly a head-turner. Whether its carrying the board down to the water so others can see the beautiful exotic wood, or ripping past a group of other paddlers, this is a PREMIUM board in all respects, and it shows.
Many thanks to the team at Cruiser SUP! " Justin M
Awesome service, even better board - 5 out of 5 stars for Cruiser SUP! First off, so you do not need to read a long review. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

It was a great experience. the board is everything as advertised. It is beautiful and paddles great and at a good price. I bought this board for my wife as a surprise. She was stunned when a semi pulled up in the street with a package for her. She absolutely loves the board, its color, 75% carbon woman's paddle (very light) and board bag. The SUP is very light, which is important for us "older" folks. All of her girlfriends who paddle are jealous.

Glenn kept me informed the whole time during the purchase and delivery. We had a small tear in the deluxe board bag (I highly recommend buying one) and Glenn replaced it with no questions asked and faster than I even expected.

Quite frankly, I have not seen better service from a company. I commend them!
Tom in Tampa Bay, Florida
This Board is the Best!- 5 out of 5 stars!

I am a mom of twin 5 year old boys and we have used this board almost every single day. The boys love using it as a diving platform from the middle of our lake. It's the perfect length and the width gives us a lot of stability. I have also used out on the water as safety patrol for the the local triathletes doing their open water swims. It's actually so perfect bc I can tow my kids kayaks too if they get tired while we are out there. The customer service has been outstanding! (Thanks Mike and Glenn) They helped me pick the right board for me and it was spot on.
Heather - PA
Beautiful & Stable Board!- 5 out of 5 stars!

I am new to paddle boarding, needed a stable board, but wanted a board that looked good and this one ticked both marks! It arrived last week and I got raves of compliments on it! While the photo shows it to look "painted", the finish is a semi-transparent stain showing the bamboo through the green, and the natural bamboo with graphics on the bottom. Now to performance... I'm very impressed with the stability of this board given the reduced width compared to many other paddle boards. I am 110lbs, but my 170lb husband shares the 10' board and enjoys it as well. The board is easy to carry with the inset handle, and while the cushion could be a bit "softer", it is durable and grippy enough. The board arrived unscathed and in GREAT shape -- excellent packaging and quick shipping! For my first board, I just LOVE it... and really appreciate the knowledgeable staff at Cruiser SUP
TXCO - Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
Great Product- 5 out of 5 stars!

I was hesitant to buy online just to save a few hundred dollars because you usually get what you pay for, but with PBD we got the same quality or better delivered to the door. We got the 2 board package with the 10'6" Betty and 10'6" Koa. She is about 120 and I am about 170 lbs. They are very stable for both of us. Our 210 lbs friend had stability issues but only when not moving. So I would suggest going with the 11' board if your a bit bigger. We also got deluxe bags and upgraded paddle and there are both awesome. As long as they hold up, and we baby them so they should, we highly recommend.
Corey - Lincoln, Nebraska
Amazing!!!! Boards, Service, Delivery - 5 out of 5 stars!

Just went out for a day on the lake with my Cruiser Kona 11'6, my daughter had her Wahine 10'2, and my son on his Nalu 10'2. All Cruiser Classic Ultra Light Bamboo, and all I can say is thank you to Glenn, Mike and the entire team at Cruiser SUP.

The Cruiser Bamboo Kona, Wahine and Nalu are AMAZING!!!! Not only light, but they glide over the water, handle the wakes and track straight as an arrow. Let?s not forget their looks: Mine white, my daughter's purple and my son's blue. It?s like Christmas in July here.

I must have looked at hundreds of boards and I now know that I made the right choice. The expert advice of Glenn and Mike put us on the right boards for our size and needs. They kept in constant communication as our boards made their way to us, and it didn't stop there. They followed up with me post delivery to ask our opinions all the way around. You won?t get this kind of service anywhere else.

Need help with your SUP purchase? You've found it. Thanks Again to the entire team at Cruiser SUP
Jim - NC
Quality Information & Service- 5 out of 5 stars!

Our experience was first rate from the initial web site review, through a phone call to ask for advice. The purchase was easy, the paddle board was shipped promptly and packaged in a double contained. The truck driver who delivered our board allowed us time to open and inspect the board. The quality of the purchased board was better than expected. We are more than pleased, and I would do business with this company in the future.
Ron & Lorraine
Great Price, Quality, Shipping &Attention- 5 out of 5 stars!

It was a great pleasure doing business with you. My Cruiser SUP paddle boards arrived in very good condition. two boxes each paddle board. I've loved the Cruiser SUP All-Terrain 10'2" and 9'5". Mine is a 10'2" that is already impressing me. Very fast shipment. Very good attention to the customer with welcome/status/greetings letters. I highly recommend.
Cleverson Lopes - Kendall, Florida
Love my Board!!!!!- 5 out of 5 stars!

I was nervous to buy this online since it's a pretty big purchase but I didn't have anything to worry about!! The board is gorgeous, everything I was hoping for. It shipped very quickly and was double packaged to ensure a safe delivery. It came on a freight truck and the driver waited patiently as I unwrapped and inspected the board. I would definitely order from this company again!!
Candice - Alberta
Outstanding Board- 5 out of 5 stars!

We purchased 2 of these and I must say they are amazing. inflated to 15 psi this board is rock solid. Tracks very well, handles waves and so easy to inflate, deflate and pack up. We love these boards. Great product and I highly recommend them. Great for me 250lbs and tall, very stable and awesome for the rest of the family. They inflate very quickly with the hand pumps. Also go the portable powered pump. Found I had to finish up the board to get to 15 psi. Highly recommend you get one of these
Sean - Plumstead, PA
Love my Cruiser Bamboo Board!- 5 out of 5 stars!

The Cruiser Bamboo 10'8" board is better than expected. So light and beautiful. My friends comment that the look of the board is much better than appears on your web site. The board is very stable and easy to use, yet performance in flat water is great. Thanks for recommending this board to me!
Sandy - Miami, Florida
It Rocks! I love it!- 5 out of 5 stars!

What a good looking board! I absolutely LOVE my new Cruiser Yoga Mat fitness SUP. Being only 5'2 I was worried about being able to carry it but it's so lightweight that I can carry my board with one hand and my paddle in the other. You won't find a more universal board, I use it to paddle board, practice yoga, surf, and even lay on it and catch a tan in-between riding sessions. I'm so stoked with my new purchase!

I was very impressed with Cruiser SUP's customer service, promptness, and understanding with our situation. A company like yours is hard to find. I am overwhelmed with gratitude! I ordered 2 paddleboard packages and was amazed at the promptness of shipping, and competitive costs. Their customer service rocks! I received numerous emails updating me about the status of my order and I have yet to find any other company that compares. Without hesitation, I will direct all my future purchases to this company. Thanks for providing such outstanding service!
Jenny - California
"Is better than I anticipated. Took it out to the lake first, then out to the ocean. Great workout without and lots of fun. Good balance and durable."
Rob - Rhode Island
"We were new to paddleboarding. With SO many products out there I had no idea what to order. After three weeks of research I contacted Glenn after reading Cruiser SUP.com reviews. His advice was right as was Mike's. We ordered the Cruiser SUP Comfort Top 11'6" for my husband and Cruiser Yoga Mat 10'8" Ultralite Bamboo for me. We are most impressed with the boards, quality of product and service. We discovered a perfect lake/sanctuary to enjoy the boards!! Thank you Glenn & Mike!!!"
Maria Wren - Springfield, Oregon
"I loved that I could call or email and get a quick response from the folks at paddle board direct! They were super helpful in helping me make my selection. Had a paddle damaged in shipping and they gladly sent me a new one. I highly recommend."
Allison - San Antonio
"This inflatable board is perfect for a big guy like me. I am 6'4" and 240 lbs. I had tried other inflatable boards before this and had all but given up on an inflatible board for me. I got the Koa cruiser 10'8" board and I love it. I can just load it in the trunk of my car when I have work by the beach and I am out on the water in minutes. First time out on it I ended up paddling in a pod of dolphins. When I was done I rolled it up, changed and got back to work. Try that with a hard board and company car. "
Anonymous Person - Riverside, CA
"I own a bamboo/EPS board, but needed an inflatable for the rivers in my area, which get a bit bony in late summer. I also needed one my dog could ride, and the Koa Air 10'8" made good sense due to it's length, width (wanted stable but not a tug boat!), 6" height, and high pressure capability. Love this board and I probably use and abuse it as much as anyone ever would. I shopped around a bit, tried several inflatables, and am very happy with my choice. It's been on rivers, creeks, lakes and the it's plenty stable for my rather large (120 lb,) pup. Combined weight for both of us, plus all my gear is around 260 lbs, and the Koa floats us extremely well. Love the built-in bungees, handles, grippy surface, and the skeg is easy to change out depending on my needs. Two thumbs up!"
Carmen - Whitefish, MT
"I initially called the staff to help me choose a board that best meets the needs of my family. They quickly guided me to the most appropriate board. It was delivered right up to my lake house in Canada (at extra cost), in no time at all.....I haven't stopped paddling since...the product itself is amazing...sturdy and durable. It's awkward to carry more than 5 minutes, but light. I'm only sorry that my paddle board has to be put to rest for the season."
Yogimama - Toronto, Canada
"These boards are wonderful. We purchased these to upgrade from some extremely heavy SUPs purchased from another vendor last year. They are light weight, very well constructed, and beautifully designed. Being cautious, I went with the 12' to carry my 240lbs weight (yeah, I need to lose a few). We love these boards and gladly will recommend this site to anyone. Shipping and packaging was above and beyond for care of boards."
Chad McFarlin - Chattanooga, TN
"I recently purchased a combo package from Cruiser SUP. I want to say it was easy and well done. Boards arrived in great condition. The reviews made me buy this package and I would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a Two SUP."
Anonymous Person - Lake Placid