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Stand Up Paddle Boards are simple to set up and learn the sport in 10 minutes. You progress quickly by using a paddle board that is larger, more stable and versatile than a con- ventional surfboard.

Women who Stand Up Paddle Board improve very fast. Very often, women are far more skilled at stand up paddling than men.

Stand Up Paddle Boards are far less physical than prone surfing, a fact many women appreciate. Many women rediscover surfing or paddling pleasure without the constraints or fatigue! Stand Up Paddle Surf makes USE OF EVERY MUSCLE FROM HEAD TO TOES - THE CORE AND LEGS specially. Combine yoga and surfing core fitness.

With the same Stand Up Paddle Board you can:

  • Relaxed cruise in flat water. Paddle board along the coasts of your lake, river or ocean.
  • Stand Up Paddle Surf small or 15 ft waves are much easier to pick up small waves and longer rides on stand up paddle boards than a conventional surf board
  • Teach your friends to Stand Up Paddle Boar in minutes and ride with your family
  • Stand Up Paddle Adventures with the wind at your back in more than 20 knots
  • Relax and enjoy Paddleboarding every day of the year in every condition. We make it Easy to Stand Up Paddle Board Today!

Before you call or e-mail our friendly and helpful pros, have the following information ready for us:

  • How much do you weigh? Will you share the board?
  • Where do you live and are conditions Waves, calm lake, river?
  • If you never tried SUP - do you have surfing, windsurf, kayak, snowboard, etc experience
  • What are you looking to get out of Stand Up Paddleboarding (i.e. core fitness, relaxation, fun paddling with kids on front, wave riding excitement, etc)
  • How many times per week/month can you SUP
  • What budget do you have in in mind?

Need help deciding which Paddleboard is best for you?

Our Stand Up Paddle Pros are here to help you choose the best Stand Up Paddle Board and Stand Up Paddle for your budget and ability.

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Download Cruiser Sup Inflatable Instructions Manual

Warning Labels


Do not expose your SUP board to excessive heat or sunlight when not in use. Whenever you are not using your SUP board (either during storage or transport to/from the beach) particular care and atten- tion should be made to protect the board from the sun and heat.

Excessive exposure to the sun and/ or heat can result in the following unavoidable and undesirable consequences to particularly the deck pad which can become :

  • Distorted in size and/or quality.
  • Unstuck from the board.
  • Significant fading of color.

These undesirable consequences are not covered under Warranty as they are due to a user or stor- age problem, and not related to the manufacturing or material quality of your product.