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Adjusting your Cruiser SUP Paddle

The line of Cruiser SUP Adjustable Length Paddles were designed to be lightweight, durable, and very easy to adjust. The adjustability feature allows for one paddle to be used by persons of any height and for various purposes. Cruiser SUP Adjustable Length Paddles have the recommended length of the paddle marked on the handle piece by the paddlers height. We recommend going an inch shorter than what is marked for your height when surfing on your Cruiser Stand Up Paddle Board.

Voyager Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

When you receive your brand new Cruiser SUP Paddle we recommend you first tighten the screws on  the adjustability lever. To do this first open the latch on the lever, then grab a screw driver and tighten both screws until you feel the lever tighten properly to the shaft. When the latch is closed and you can not move the height or twist the handle at all then the screws are tight enough. Be very careful and try not to strip the screws on the lever when doing this.

V-Max Stand Up Paddle Board

To adjust the length of your Cruiser SUP Paddle, open the latch on the paddle (to release the tension in the lever) and slide the handle piece of the paddle out to your desired height. Remember, the height is clearly marked on the shaft of the handle piece. When your desired height has been reached, close the latch and make sure the handle piece is nice and secure. If the handle is able to slide up or down or twist at all grab your screw driver and tighten those screws on the lever a bit more. Your paddle is ready to go when it is adjusted to your desired height, the latch is closed, and the handle piece is securely in place.

If you happen to notice that your paddle has taken on water during the course of your paddle session it is very important to stop, have a seat on your Cruiser SUP, and drain the water out. To drain the water from your paddle simply open the adjustability latch, pull the handle piece completely out from the shaft until it is now in two pieces, and pour out the water. Our paddles are designed to float but if they have taken on water they are more susceptible to sinking. Always keep your paddle close to you and never let it just float indefinitely. This is especially important for the heavier alloy paddles. The alloy paddles are outfitted with a grey foam pad on the outside as well as inside of the shaft. If you notice that your alloy paddle is missing this grey foam pad please let us know and we will be sure to take care of this issue for you.

Happy Paddling from the Cruiser SUP Team!