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Heavy Duty Soft Roof Rack with Straps

Heavy Duty Soft Roof Rack with Straps 5.0 3
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Heavy Duty Soft Roof Rack with Straps

Cruiser Heavy Duty Foam Rack for Stand Up Paddle Boards, is a heavy duty, compression foam, soft roof rack system that fits any vehicle with four doors, or rear opening windows. The straps pass through the vehicle to secure your stand up paddleboard to your roof. The 30" wide, heavy duty compression foam pads provide cushioning and disperse the load over a wider area, keeping both your board and your car looking good.

  • Wide 30" pads accommodate even the widest SUP Boards
  • Pads wrap buckles to protect gear
  • Packaged in disposable mesh storage bag
  • Includes separate heavy duty front and rear tie downs - the most secure straps on the market

The Heavy Duty Foam Roof Racks are made wider (30") and thicker than standard surfboard soft racks to accommodate the extra width of SUP Boards. This evenly disperses the load better and provides a more stable base which protects both your paddleboard and your roof.