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The light and versatile Performer All-Terrain is designed to offer high performance Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) in all conditions, from flat water to surf, and for all skill levels!

All ages, and all levels of paddles can enjoy paddling in calm water, or ocean surf.  The full wrap deck pad allows for paddling with your kids, pets, or doing SUP Yoga

The Performer All-Terrain comes with a total of four fins, allowing you to customize your board according to your preferences. This versatility, paired with the great looks, and light-weight nature of the Performer All-Terrain make it ideal for today's stand up paddler seeking the best value they can find.

New features include
1 Most durable - Dura-LITE ECO thermo-formed ABS/poly-carbonate shell with rail protector, ECO molded EPS/fiberglass/Kevlar core
2 More stable - up to 34" wide, 5.5" thick and 260 liters of volume!
3 Higher weight capacity - up to 325 pounds
4 Two Breathable Membrane Deck Air Vent - increased durability
5 2/3 Length Comfort Top™ Deck Pad - great for yoga, fishing and families
6 Bungee Cords with Inserts - Nose and Tail tie downs are built in. Cooler Tie Down Inserts, Connex Insert.
7 Lockable, recessed, dual side EZ Grab™ recessed ergo handle - easy to carry and lock your board with cable
8 Tool-less removable center fin - high quality 9" touring fin offers performance, convenience

Technical Specifications

CruiserSUP® Escape Paddle Board

Length: 7'11" 8'5" 8'10" 9'5" 10'2" 10'8" 11'4"
Volume: 115L 125L 135L 150L 170L 185L 225L
Width: 30.5" 30.5" 31" 31" 31" 31.5" 33.5"
Thickness: 4.25" 4.25" 4.25" 4.5" 4.5" 4.5" 5"
Weight: *(+/- 10%) 18 lbs 19 lbs 21 lbs 23.5 lbs 25.5 lbs 27.5 lbs 28.5 lbs
Fin Type: Center: 9" & 6.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 6.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 6.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 6.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 7.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 7.5"
Side: 2
Center: 9" & 8"
Side: 2
Warranty: 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Weight Range: (lbs)
Beginner: Up to 110 Up to 120 Up to 120 Up to 140 Up to 175 Up to 190 Up to 225
Advanced: Up to 195 Up to 195 Up tp 195 Up to 235 Up to 255 Up to 275 Up to 325

Board Construction

Feather-Lite Construction

Construction Image

The Soft Top Fiberglass construction represents a great value and a perfect mix of performance, durability, and versatility. With the full Dura-Soft EVA wrap along with nose and tail bumpers, the Soft Top is a great "all around" board for anyone from kids, to Yogi's, to the rider who just wants a comfortable, well built, and well priced board.

With multiple fibreglass layers over a 23kg EPS foam core and dual wood stringers, the Soft Top Fiberglass is a stiff, strong, and exceptionally well priced board. Complete with bungee tie down points, leash attachment points, as the "light and lively" feel that Cruiser SUP is famous for.

TOP: Soft & Strong

  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • Real bamboo - Full Length
  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • 4 oz fiberglass
  • Carbon reinforcement in standing area
  • Premium "crocodile" non-slip texture EVA deck pad

BOTTOM: Hard & Strong

  • 6 oz fiberglass
  • Real bamboo - Full Length
  • 4 oz fiberglass

Rails: Painted and Strong

  • Carbon Reinforcement in Tail and Nose
  • 5 layers of fiberglass
  • Kevlar cloth

CruiserSUP® Escape Paddle Board Features

Product Feature Image 1

Ultra-Lite Wood Technology

CNC shaped cores are compression molded with thin layers of wood veneers sandwiched between layers of epoxy and fiberglass. This results in a board that is stiff, light, and strong.

Product Feature Image 2

Full Wrap Dura-Soft Deck Pad

A comfortable full wrap deck pad that covers the entire top of the board, and rails. This provides ultimate traction over the entire surface of the board, as well as added durability.

Product Feature Image 3

Breathable Pressure Vent

This specially designed, maintenance-free valve features a 2-way membrane that lets air escape safely from the core of your board during rapid temperature changes on those hot, sunny days or during enclosed transport.

Product Feature Image 4

2+1 Fin Set Up

Comes standard with a removable 9” touring center fin for better glide and tracking in flat water. 2 removable side fins for performance and control in surf and extra swept surf fin.

Product Feature Image 5

Ergo Handle

Large opening and curved inner surface for total ease and comfort when transporting your board to the water.

Product Feature Image 6

Bungee System

Bungee System Carry along anything you want from water bottle to PFD. 4 attachment points in front of the pad, and 2 on the tail allow you to take along whatever you want.

Add-ons & Upgrades